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Bakken Crude and LPG Flow Enhancement

Nooter Enhances Bakken Crude and LPG Flow to Philadelphia-area Facilities

Nooter Construction has been very busy over the past few years in the Philadelphia area. Nooter successfully completed a major, multipronged transport station project that began in October 2013, to ensure the flow of North Dakota’s Bakken area crude into a Philadelphia area refinery. Simultaneously, and still currently underway and on schedule, the Nooter team is working to complete another critical project in partnership with Sunoco Logistics. This effort entails construction at eight pump stations that will allow LPG (Marcellus Shale Region) to flow from Western Pennsylvania to the Sun Logistics Marcus Hook Facility.

With one significant project completed and the pump station project continuing, Nooter Construction Philadelphia maintains an excellent safety record and quality control effort despite a few uncontrollable delays and some of the worst winter conditions recorded since 1978.

Eddystone Crude Transport Facility Optimizes Receipt of Bakken Crude
It is common knowledge that most of the refineries in the Philadelphia area are now running Bakken crude to be more cost competitive. With this in mind, a local refinery chose not to build its own facilities but to outsource the Eddystone Crude Oil Off Loading Facility and Dock Crude Loading Facility to Enbridge, the owner/operator of the rail facility that transports to the Refinery. In turn, Enbridge contracted with Nooter Construction, the Exelon contractor of choice, to do the bulk of the new facility project.

As general contractor, Nooter managed all aspects of the project from pilings, concrete, equipment, pumps, piping, unloading/ loading stations, as well as inspection and commissioning. By early May, despite grueling winter conditions including 67 inches of snow, construction went forward successfully, explained Alan Yarosh, Vice President of Construction at Nooter Construction located in Trevose, Pennsylvania.

“Nooter was able to complete 40 new rail car unloading stations, support the completion of two rail loops that wrap around the Eddystone Crude Transport Facility, revamp a new barge loading facility, and refurbish existing systems,” noted Yarosh.

At a total cost of $60 million, including materials and 352,000 total man-hours, the project led and managed to completion  by Nooter Construction was successful despite challenges. Moreover, the new facilities have built a transport foundation on which the local refineries and other industrial customers can better control their supply of crude oil well into the future.

Mariner East Project to Enhance Flow of LPG into Sun Logistics Marcus Hook Facility
With a project value of $18 million and a total of 30,000 manhours, the Mariner East eight-pump station project currently managed by Nooter Construction is expected to be completed in 2015, with four pump stations expected for completion in 2014. The end result will enable Sunoco Logistics to more readily transport Liquid Natural Gas, or LPG, from the Western Marcellus shale region in Pennsylvania to the Sun Logistics Marcus Hook Facility for further processing.

As the successful bidder, the pump station project extends Nooter Construction’s construction and maintenance capabilities.
“Our superior safety record, quality work, and scheduling record resulted in Nooter winning the Mariner East pump station bid,” said Yarosh. “We look forward to project completion next year and we expect to expand our role in providing pipeline service offerings.”

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