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Waste Heat Boiler Replacement

Waste Heat Boiler Replacement Achieves High Marks for Nooter Construction

The management team at a Midwest power facility, knew its existing Waste Heat Boiler had to be replaced. The existing waste heat boiler unit had the maximum amount of tubes plugged making replacement the only option to ensure optimal safety and productivity at the plant.

Initial Challenge – Rigging

The actual project area for crane placement was very tight. Nooter Rigging Engineer Jeff Rapert had to take into consideration the 90-foot length of the new waste heat boiler, its eight-foot diameter and the weight — 225 tons. A major challenge included the unit having to reside vertically in the middle of a support structure. To ensure the challenge was met, Rapert selected a Demag CC 2800 crane with a Luffing Fly Jib and Super Lift attachment for the project.

Project Manager Larry Dyson is thankful. “Securing this particular crane for the project was all due to Jeff. His diligent engineering efforts on this project helped Nooter win the contract and allowed us to start off on the right foot.”

Second Challenge – Extensive Welding

The replacement waste heat boiler had 22 welded connections ranging from six inches to 67 inches in diameter. Additionally, 20 of the 22 connections had to be machine cut and beveled for reinstallation. Meanwhile, 20 connections had to be rigged back to remove the existing vessel and set the new vessel on its supports. With large vessel welding, removal and installation expertise in high demand; Nooter Construction was able to satisfactorily meet these challenges.

Third Challenge–Delivery Delays

Unfortunately, vessel replacement was forced to start four weeks late due to manufacturing and delivery issues. Addressing the delay, Nooter Construction coordinated closely with the twelve subcontractors involved to ensure the setbacks didn’t impact the overall completion of the project. Nooter Superintendent Mike Stechmesser working with Local 374 and Nooter Boilermakers were able to keep the project on schedule.

Nooter Achieves High Marks

According to Project Manager Larry Dyson, “We were pleased to accomplish the core scope of work within the agreed upon schedule. We knew the startup was
important to plant management, and our team worked around the clock to ensure the new vessel was installed properly, safely, and on budget.”

Startup Goes Off Without Hitch

As many energy producers know, maintenance and late vessel delivery can become significant production hindrances. With more than 100 years of experience, Nooter Construction completed this successful vessel replacement project without delays and on budget despite the project starting one month later than planned. Most importantly, Nooter made the Midwest power plant manager a happy customer by ensuring the most important project objectives were maintained as top priorities from the beginning to completion.

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