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Delta Nooter

Under Budget - On Time - No Injuries: A Delta Nooter Turnaround Success Story

It’s not everyday a project manager can say his team came in under budget and on time. Fortunately, through strategic planning and owner input, this happened for DELTA Nooter Project Manager Jerry Leslie and his team after the completion of a multi-faceted maintenance turnaround at a large Detroit refinery last fall.

The DELTA Nooter team understood early on the importance of satisfying this large oil and gas client by keeping project costs down, ensuring safety was a top priority, and completing the project on time.

Originating in 1930, Michigan’s only refinery was purchased by Marathon in 1959. Dedicated to continuous improvement, the facility engaged in a heavy oil upgrade project in 2008, which is scheduled for completion during the latter half of 2012.

Refinery’s East | West Divide Requires Creative Solution

One challenge Leslie’s team faced was the unique design of the refinery. Literally split down the middle by railroad tracks, the large facility is divided into two equally important and busy
operations: East and West with only a walking bridge between the two areas for personnel to travel.

To transport equipment from each side, DELTA Nooter left the plant from one side and entered a separate entrance gate on the other side. With this obstacle in mind, the owner asked DELTA Nooter to set up dedicated teams and equipment on both sides of the plant to ensure productivity and costs remained consistent with the project’s scope and budget.

Exchanger & Tower Maintenance Require Specialized Equipment

The fall 2010 Detroit refinery project was primarily a maintenance turnaround across various units of the facility. With two teams in place on the East and West sides of the plant, DELTA Nooter performed complete mechanical services, as well as push-pull services using its specialty bundle pulling equipment on the heat exchangers. The successful job totaled 45,833 man-hours and required DELTA to hire a variety of craftsmen including Boilermakers, Operators, and Laborers.

Satisfactory Result Fosters Continued Relationship

A few months after the completion of the turnaround, Leslie is pleased with his team’s results.

“We came in under budget and on time with no recordable injuries or lost-time accidents. The client was satisfied and I am happy to report DELTA Nooter is performing another similar turnaround in early 2011 based on our recent success!”