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Specialty Services – Maintenance & Repairs

3D Modeling – Catalyst Regeneration


A well-known energy provider contracted Nooter to repair the plants Unit # 1 Economizer Tubes, replace the Reheat Inlet and Out Pendants, install a new Boiler Steam Safety Valve and upgrade the existing Vent Stack. In the electric industry, as with most, time is money. The schedule for the return of Unit #1 became a critical requirement for the customer.

Why Nooter Specialty Services

Nooter Specialty Services has the ability to use the industries latest and most advanced technology to help customers meet critical schedules and perform defect free welds.

To aid with this technology our national specialty agreements with the UA and Boilermakers also gives us access to the nations most experienced craftsman. Selecting Nooter to perform this work made sense to the owner because they required flawless execution on a critical path schedule.


The execution team was made up of industry leading craftsman with the training and knowledge required to execute the scope of work. By doing this we were able to utilize orbital TIG welding technology to execute both the horizontal and vertical TIG welds were there was limited access. This process gave the team the ability to perform over 100 – 2 ½” diameter tube welds. This included the welding of new tubes to existing old tubes.


Tube welds done by a skilled craftsman using the orbital welding technique average 20-25 minutes each, resulting in 18 welds per day, tripling productivity. Nooter was able to tighten up the schedule and the return-to-service date while improving the quality of the welding on-site.